Tony LaVorgna is... Bebopman!...
A Lifetime of Music

A collection of Tony LaVorgna's most well received original jazz composition recordings. Reflecting Tony's thirty five year recording career this excellent CD showcases Tony's best alto and tenor saxophone, clarinet and piano playing. As a special feature it includes "Inspiration", a romantic big band ballad spotlightling Tony's fiery alto saxophone sound.

Inspiration is featured in the new movie the David Dance". Two songs from Tony's musical Bebopman are also included on this fine CD.

The Multi-Layered Jazz Sounds of Tony LaVorgna

Tony LaVorgna's new CD Bebopman Returns! is a delightful mingling of straightahead jazz, 1940's swing, early 20th century romance with even a touch of the Avant-Garde. With over 50 years as a professional saxophonist, clarinetist, pianist and composer, Mr. LaVorgna's unique multitracking style is new and refreshing without losing touch with the past. A bebopper at heart, his virtuoso solos are a fun, exhilarating ride, and his smooth rich tone conveys warmth and happiness without a hint of supermarket schmaltz. Bebopman Returns! is acoustic mainstream jazz at its best, but with a new approach!

Lois 2
By Lois Gilbert
Lois #2 is the newest edition in the autobiographical comic book series LOIS and continues where the very successful Lois #1 left off (see Lois #1 on this website).

Written by former stand-up comedian Lois Gilbert, Lois #2 documents the absurdities, joys and heartaches of a single woman living in modern day America, It includes special sections which are dedicated to the memory of her writing partner graphic novel icon Harvey Pekar,

The Tony LaVorgna Big Band And Combo
This new cd by alto saxophonist Tony LaVorgna is "pure bebop jazz" and yet it appeals to all musical tastes. If "Bird", "Diz" and "Cannonball" were still with us they would whole-heartedly applaud the superior LaVorgna Big Band and Combo.

With the help of Nightcrawler, Tony could very well spearhead the current revival of "bop" and be a major driving force in the movement.

A Graphic Novel
Written By Harvey Pekar
Tony LaVorgna and Lois Gilbert. With Art By Gary Dumm

With the help of internationally known comic book writer Harvey Pekar of American Splendor fame (an old jazz buddy of Tony's) Tony LaVorgna has written this autobiographical graphic novel about the life of a struggling jazz musican.

Bebopman relates the frustrations of being an artist in a funny but compassionate style. Some stories are by comedian Lois Gilbert and all art is by DC Comic's Gary Dumm.

Music Instruction

Tony's clarinet and saxophone students are known for their strong tone quality and excellent intonation, his piano students for their reading skills.

Every effort is made to encourage the student to develop constructive practice habits and to participate in Western Regional and All-State Band auditions.


Tony Lavorgna, a long time 'Bebop' Jazz musician and now recent comic book author (co-writing with Harvey Pekar & Lois Gilbert) has finally commissioned this one and only (truly official) website for his current and future fans. Tony has been the master of the saxophone for over 30 years and a lover of jazz for much longer than that.

On this site you will find dozens of great stories, as well as music tracks and photos suiting all of your entertainment needs. Tony has grown from the obscure almost-scholarly-like egghead to a saxophonist and off into the funny pages (literally). Tony has a life time of experiences to share so stay tuned for more updates, including future song demos, music tracks for purchase along with the new Bebopman Comic book issues and much more. Peruse the shelves, stay overnight or leave a message for Tony if you'd like by clicking here.

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